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We Can Help You Assess and Analyze Your Issues, Advise and Develop an Action Plan for Success!

Put Our A-Team Business Experts to Work for YOU.

Every business in Mercer County will face a struggle in some area of their company – whether it be in finance, managing human resources, managing lean operations, or trying to impact new growth or inhibit losses.

The Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability, the State of New Jersey and the U.S. Small Business Administration are very interested in your challenges. They have contracted with us, America’s Small Business Development Center – New Jersey, located at The College of New Jersey (SBDC-NJ at TCNJ), to identify the issues businesses are facing, help sort the details and connect business owners to resources that can produce the solutions they seek for lending sources, HR tools, the creation of lean processes, cost and profit management, expansion feasibility studies, marketing and sales.

We have assembled an A-Team to Assess and Analyze, Advise and create Action Plans for businesses currently facing challenges. The SBDC-NJ at TCNJ’s A-Team is made up of practicing professionals with years of experience in their respective fields, and the team is supported with research and administration by students of The College of New Jersey.

See our experts below, listed with their specialties that may be of assistance to your business.

Call 609-771-2947 for more info on our A-Team Business Experts or download the flyer here.


Lorraine Allen
  • Lorraine Allen
  • America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey
  • Specialties: Strategic Positioning, Case Management, Resources
  • Assess and Analyze: Prioritize current challenges, market gaps
  • Advise: Positioning strategies
  • Action Plan: Resource connections, marketing for business development
Lilian Mauro
  • Lilian Mauro
  • America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey
  • Specialties: Client retention, Management and Research, Business Development
  • Assess and Analyze: Community outreach, provide appropriate referrals or resources, program delivery, client management, and administration
  • Advise: Program development, planning, coordination and preparation for educational and training programs and events
  • Action Plan: One on one business visits, maintaining client communications, keeping accurate client information and data, reporting, promotion and marketing of services and programs, monitoring of progress toward project outcomes
Carla Fallone
  • Carla Fallone
  • Fallone Business Resources
  • Specialties: Strategy, Planning and Financials
  • Assess and Analyze: Financial profile disparities and capacity
  • Advise: Strategic planning, opportunities
  • Action Plan: Strategic and financial implementation
  • Michael Kenyon
  • America’s Small Business Development Center at The College of New Jersey
  • Specialties: Quality Performance, Human Resource/Team, Construction/Maintenance, Facilities Management
  • Assess and Analyze: Performance, facilities and team management
  • Advise: Quality control, strategic planning
  • Action Plan: Integration of facilities, performance and employee plans
Larry Wolfert
  • Larry Wolfert
  • OnDemandCFO, LLC
  • Specialties: Analytics, Risk Assessment, Relationship Management
  • Assess and Analyze: Customer and product line profitability, key performance Indicators, trends
  • Advise: Strategic directions, business communications, agreements and cost controls, operational improvements
  • Action Plan: Raw data utilization, operational execution
Ira Weissman
  • Ira Weissman
  • Idea Innovations, LLC
  • Specialties: Operational Excellence and Efficiency
  • Assess and Analyze: Expansion and capacity
  • Advise: Acceleration of product/service delivery
  • Action Plan: Improving the bottom line
Anthony Carabelli
  • Anthony Carabelli Jr.
  • Mercer County Office of Economic Development and Sustainability
  • Mercer County Business Advocate
  • Specialties: Regional Financial Incentives, Local Business Assistance
  • Assess and Analyze: Challenges and access to local business resources and financial incentives
  • Advise: County demographics, economic data, foreign trade zone, business organizations and buy local initiatives
  • Action Plan: Access local resources to develop strategy
Mike Barry
  • Michael Barry
  • Princeton Creative Marketing
  • Specialties: Marketing Strategies, Digital Marketing, Customer Relations
  • Assess and Analyze: Marketing plan, brand messaging, use of technology
  • Advise: Traditional and digital marketing options, public/customer communications controls, operational improvements
  • Action Plan: Brand messaging, online profiles, marketing strategy
Henry Pulido
  • Henry Pulido
  • Enterprise Solutions Accounting
  • Specialties: Accounting, Finance and Taxation, Logistics, Management and Administration
  • Assess and Analyze: Financial and operational diagnostics, business, business plans, QuickBooks
  • Advise: Strategic planning matrix, budgeting, managerial accounting
  • Action Plan: Financial and operational controls, business strategies measurements, business regulatory compliance
 Reina Valenzuela
  • Reina Valenzuela
  • Starfish Global, LLC
  • Specialties: Business planning, Management, Procurement, eMarketing
  • Assess and Analyze: Market study, online branding, and community outreach
  • Advise: Strategic planning and alignment to fulfill organizational goals
  • Action Plan: Business Development Cycle: Plan, Implement, Assess, Adjust and Repeat
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